Adaptogens For Health

Adaptogens For Health

Almost everyone is aware how stress has damaging effects the body. Stress, especially chronic stress, causes chemical changes that damage the body and cause inflammation.

Stress can effect the way we physically look, cause an imbalance in hormone levels, and effect the way neurotransmitters process information.

All of these effects quickly weaken the immune system, cause blood sugar imbalances, thyroid issues, and other health problems.

There is an Organic and 100% natural support which has been used for centuries, to create balance within your body’s systems and help you better cope with stress.

For thousands of years, Ginseng has been used as a tonic , effectively strengthening the body and boosting its resistance to fatigue.

Ginseng uses:

Ginseng, by nature is also a natural aphrodisiac, which heightens sexual performance and response by supporting the cardiovascular system and encouraging normal circulation.

  • Ginseng promotes physical and mental performance. It contains compounds called ginsenosides which support energy, vitality, and physical health.A Mayo study revealed that Ginseng showed good results in helping stimulate physical and mental activity, especially among people who are weak and tired.
  • Supports Sexual Health. A 2002 Korean study reported that 60% of men who took ginseng experienced a heightened sexual response. Research published in the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology found similar conclusions.
  • Enhances immunity and reduces inflammation. Ginsenosides contained in Ginseng help to calm an overactive immune response and soothe reddened and irritated tissue, according to information published in the Journal of Translational Medicine.

Where do you get real quality Ginseng?

Getting a high quality Ginseng product is very difficult, due to poor denatured herbs mainly coming from China.

Only recently, a groundbreaking ginseng supplement was created as a blend of 6 types of powerful adaptogens that are uniquely processed for maximum benefits.

Contain purest, carefully sourced Organic and Wildcrafted ingredients.

Produced in the U.S.A.  Spagyrex® processed to ensure the herb’s full biochemical spectrum is preserved at the highest potency.

6 different powerful adaptogen and Ginseng ingredients used:

  • Organic Ashwagandha (root)
  • Organic Eleuthero (root)
  • Organic American Ginseng (root)
  • Organic Maca (root)
  • Wildcrafted Jiaogulan (leaf)
  • Tienchi Ginseng (root)

Boosts energy levels, fights fatigue.

Defeats stress.

Encourages mental sharpness.

Promotes overall body function and balance.

Supports sexual vitality.

Excellent for an active lifestyle. 

We highly recommend Ginseng Fuzion.  It has earned the Health Hippy Seal Of Approval.

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