AllerTrex Natural Lung Cleanser

AllerTrex – All Natural Lung Cleanser

AllerTrex is a natural respiratory support which promotes lungs, sinus, and respiratory tract health.

This lung cleanse uses a powerful blend of Organic and Wildcrafted herbs and essential oils.
This lung cleanse uses ancient wisdom combined with herbal alchemy.

This is the only lung cleansing product on market which uses Spagyric processes to promote optimal breathing, normal function of sinuses and respiratory tract.

Cleansing your lungs is a natural procedure which helps detox the delicate respiratory lining of the lungs – in order to purge and detox harmful toxins, organisms, environmental toxins and irritants.

Reasons to clean your Lungs:

  • If you smoke or have smoked before.
  • Exposed to auto exhaust.
  • If you have allergies.
  • Cleaning our lungs regularly is critical due to the declining quality of toxic indoor and outdoor air.
  • Most people spend over 90% of their time indoors. This impacts lung health far more than being outdoors.
  • In fact, indoor air air is 90-100 times worse than outdoor air.
  • Over 1,000 types of mold and mildew have been identified in homes located in the United States.
  • Allergen levels in super-insulated homes are 200% higher than in ordinary homes.
  • 6 out of 10 homes are dangerous to our health because of airborne pollutants.
  • Over 6 million people are allergic to pets in their homes.
  • Over 36 million Americans suffer from chronic lung disease.
  • 2007 report by scientist states Depression and high concentration of molds.
  • A baby crawling on the floor is as harmful as smoking 4 cigarettes, due to carpets, dust mites, fungus, and other harmful toxins.

AllerTrex – All natural lung support designed for normal respiratory health.

  • Supports normal lung function and detoxification of lung irritating compounds.
  • Helps you Breath easier.
  • Supports elimination of foreign substances that are toxic to lungs.
  • Eases redness and swelling of lungs.
  • Strengthens lung vitality.
  • Soothes throat sinus passages.
  • Promotes mucous secretions in order to expel toxins.
  • Increases blood circulation to lungs, which increases dilation.
  • Can be used anytime during the day to assist breathing.
  • If used before bed can help with snoring and gives better sleep.

AllerTrex contains only the finest Organic and Wildcrafted ingredients, in glass bottles. Here are a few of the powerful herbs in AllerTrex:

  • Organic Lovage (root)
  • Organic Lungwort
  • Organic Bee balm leaf
  • Organic Plantain leaf
  • Organic Elecampane (root)
  • Organic Lobelia Flower

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AllerTrex Natural Lung Cleanser
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AllerTrex Natural Lung Cleanser
We take a look at the importance of cleaning your lungs for optimal health, as well as the reasons for this. We also discuss AllerTrex from GHC.