Change Your Circulatory Health

Change Your Circulatory Health

There are several factors than can, over time, damage the bodies circulatory system and cause a variety of ailments.

Prolonged sitting, poor diet, stress, chemicals from food, air, water, and other toxins will most likely end up slowing down our bodies circulatory system, and eventually our health.

Once our circulatory system slows down, toxins begin to accumulate.

Toxin accumulation suppresses the bodies natural internal self healing mechanisms.

In today’s world of high toxins and chemicals, a formula for stimulating and supporting circulation is critical.

I believe there is one formula better than anything else for your circulatory system. It is a very important investment for your circulatory system and overall health.

Created with some of the worlds most powerful circulation supporting herbs in nature, 100% organic or wildcrafted ingredients.

This formula provides the most synergistic and healing nutrients in nature to promote optimal blood flow, strengthen vein and capillary health, and enhance overall circulatory health.

Powerful ingredients unlike any other:

Wildcrafted Collinsonia (root)

Collinsonia contains strong antioxidant properties, beneficial saponins, organic acids, muculage, tannins, and resins – a blend of nutrients that assist the body in overcoming circulatory conditions.

Wild Collinsonia root is traditionally believed to enhance overall feelings of happiness and decrease nervousness. Also, Collinsonia supports heart and lung health.

Athletes use Collinsonia root to regain energy after intense performance exertion.

Organic Gotu Kola (leaf)

A potent antioxidant which reduces swelling, helps produce connective tissue, assists in angiogenesis, formation of new blood vessels.

Gotu Kola stimulates circulation and offers support against arterial problems. Gotu Kola can assist in capillary filtration and support the discomfort associated with poor circulation.

T.C.M and Ayurvedic medicine support Gotu Kola for optimal vascular health and improving mental clarity. Research in London showed Gotu Kola extract effective in increasing micro-circulation.

Organic Bupleurum (root)

Bupleurum (root) has been used in Chinese medicine for over 2000 years. It promotes circulatory health and strengthens cell wall.

Called the ‘harmony herb’ Bupleurum contains several active compounds, sterols, saponin, and saikosaponins that support regeneration of new blood vessels.

Bupleurum Root Is high in antioxidants that support immunity, stimulate liver, reduce redness, swelling, and contain rutin, which strengthen capillaries.

Organic Horse Chestnut (fruit/seed/hull)

Horse chestnut, a tree native to the Balkan Peninsula, is believed to help inhibit the breakdown of capillary wall proteins.

Used today for vascular problems like chronic venous insufficiency, or CVI, where blood is not efficiently returned from legs to heart. Has similar effects to compression socks in helping to contract veins and arteries.

Contains aescin, an active ingredient that supports optimal circulation. Research from China suggest that aescin is resistant to redness and swelling without suppressing immunity.

Mimosa (bark)

A unique plant used in Ayurvedic medicine that grows in Brazil, Asia, Africa, and India. When the mimosa leaf of the plant is touched, it folds closed and does not reopen until you let go.

Mimosa bark is believed to offer relief from swelling, discomfort and has been known as a hemorrhoid therapy since at least the 16th century.

It is known to soothe the nerves, circulate blood, and enhance detoxification.

Japanese Sophora (flower)

1 of 50 fundamental herbs used in tradition Chinese medicine and native to Eastern China and Japan. Sophora flower is believed to promote circulation, permeability of veins and capillaries, and provide critical nutrients that optimize vein health.

Sophora flower contains potent flavanoids troxerutin and oxymatrine, which exhibit strong antioxidant capabilities to support the circulatory system. Oxymatrin, may improve the heart and promote functionality.

Supports cardiovascular health and a normal heartbeat, helps create an environment less susceptible to blood clots.

Organic Butchers Broom (root)

Butchers broom has a long history of use in Europe to promote circulatory health. Butchers broom works to help tighten blood vessels and promote capillary elasticity.

Butchers broom promotes healthy micro-circulation, capillary flow, and strengthens connective tissues. Also, helps blood move and reduces blood pooling.

Even approved by German commission (similar to FDA) as a remedy for hemorrhoids.

Wildcrafted Witch Hazel (leaf)

Long history of use by native Americans as traditional phytotherapy for circulation issues, swelling, inflammation, and can help with acne and oily skin.

Increases blood flow near skins surface dispersing any blood pooled.

High antioxidant capacity of Witch Hazel make it beneficial for circulatory system support, especially varicose veins.

Organic Oregano (leaf)

Used to help relieve soreness and reduce inflammation in the cardiovascular system.

Oregano is extremely high in free radical fighting antioxidants, which protect your body.

The ancient Greeks and Romans have a profound appreciation. Oregano was referred to as a symbol of happiness.

Myself and my team personally use this product and give it a hearty “thumbs up!”  It has earned the “Health Hippy Seal of Approval.”



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Support Your Heart and Circulation Natually
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Support Your Heart and Circulation Natually
In today’s world of high toxins and chemicals, a formula for stimulating and supporting circulation is critical.