Dangers of Refined Sugar

Stop The Sugar And Start Healing

The removal of sugar has caused “miracles” and cured crippling diseases such as diabetes, heart illnesses and even cancer.

The “sugar-pushers” have spent millions, if not billions convincing us that sugar is good for us, which is one of the biggest lies in history.

Sugar is an absolute poison, causing more damage daily to society than almost anything else.

The “sugar pushers” plan seems to have worked.

Any type of sugar, even ORGANIC sugar, which isn’t bound to fiber from whole foods and fruits, is a complete poison – absolutely destroying our body daily and harming every organ.

Even a small daily dose of this poison can alter our bodies internal pH, causing acidity, which creates an ideal environment for disease.

When we ingest sugar our body immediately begins fighting to remove sugar from our bodies.  This is incredibly taxing on the body and its abilities are greatly reduced.

Creation of new tissue is slowed down, power needed for immunity is reduced and the body cant heal properly.

Our body simply cant utilize sugar because critical vitamins, minerals and fiber that are necessary for digestion are removed.

Sugar is believed to be the root cause of general weakening and chronic fatigue because sugar drains our body of its critical vitamins.

Magnesium, Calcium, and Potassium and other vital vitamins and minerals are leached from our bodies to detox and eliminate sugar and fight acidity.

Sugar kills friendly beneficial bacteria (critical for health) AND lowers Vitamin B stores, which helps healthy gut bacteria grow.

Sugar is similar to heroin and tobacco in how addictive it is.

Sugar changes the muscle proteins of our heart as well as its pumping mechanism.

Sugar causes weight gain because it creates fatty acids in our body that are deposited in our belly, buttocks, breasts and thighs.

Sugar consumption can lead to an enlarged liver and cause pyruvic acid to accumulate in brain and nervous system, affecting mental health and memory.

Sugar interferes with respiration of cells.  Cells are not able to receive oxygen and die. This has a devastating effect on our nervous system.

Even a little of this poison is deadly.  We recommend you cut it out of your diet COMPLETELY.  Even in moderation sugar is harmful.

Avoid processed Honey as a replacement.  Only RAW local 100% organic honey is okay, but hard to find.  As a good alternative, try Organic Stevia, an herbal plant which is 300 times sweeter than sugar with very impressive medicinal qualities. 

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Dangers of Refined Sugar
Article Name
Dangers of Refined Sugar
Did you know that sugar is toxic to your body? We discuss the importance of getting sugar out of your diet and list some alternatives.