Emotional Balance – #1 Superfood

Understanding the importance of controlling extreme emotions for optimal health.

Numerous scientific studies around the world have proven time and time again, that when we let harmful emotions take over, our bodies get seriously damaged.

When we experience emotional extremes – indigestion, gas and several other imbalances immediately occur in our chemical body.  The body cells are thrown into a state of confusion and imbalance and thus cannot do their jobs correctly.  Because of this, discomfort and disease results.

Think an unpleasant thought and immediately our body reacts to our minds commands: the heart races, the adrenal glands kick in..when there is no real physical reason to do so.  It’s an illusion created by allowing the emotions (your sense mind) to control you.

This everyday emotional unrest causes a severe toll on our body and our health, destroying, daily, our bodies and leading us to degenerative diseases.

No matter how much organic superfoods we eat, how well we diet, exercise, and take care of our physical body – if we do not control our destructive emotions, our health becomes immediately affected.

Today, it is no surprise that there is great unrest in the world in which we live. There is a clear imbalance of emotion and well-being in our country, our homes and our personal lives.

Everywhere we look in our world, we seem to find emotional unrest, diseases, depression, wars, pain, suffering.

These days, it is easier than ever before to be influenced by the world in which we live. It is easier than ever to loose emotional balance and become a victim to our own lives and that of our limited mortal sense mind.

What’s worse is our perspective and destructive emotions/views towards life can become habitual.

Extremes of any emotion (positive or negative) disturbs our cells normal frequency action or chemicals in our body, affecting our nervous system and causing one to feel weak or ill.

Fear, anger, sadness, impatience, hatred, jealousy, and even extreme anticipation and joy – all will alter the chemicals in our blood, changing the normal action of the heart.

So much energy is wasted from destructive emotions, which are based on our own personal opinions and limited perspective of “how we believe the world and life is” or “should be.”

If people only knew the adverse effects their limited opinions and viewpoints have on their emotions and health, they wouldn’t entertain such perspectives.

Finally, the day we are able to release our opinions and the influence of our limited, destructive, mortal sense mind to that of a greater unlimited intelligence far beyond our own, we can begin to experience a glimpse of emotional balance.

This happens the moment we decide to let go of being the “controllers” of our emotions to becoming the “observers” of them.

The key is to keep constant vigil over our every reaction, observing our emotions, but not giving them the importance and power to take over our lives. This is true freedom.

With daily continued practice, once we are finally able to release our emotions, limited opinions and personal ego which has caused much suffering – to a greater intelligence far superior than our own, will we be guided on a path to mastering our emotions, our life, and reclaiming our health.

Emotional Balance - #1 Superfood
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Emotional Balance - #1 Superfood
We discuss understanding the importance of controlling extreme emotions for optimal health.