Review: FloraTrex by GHC

Review: FloraTrex by GHC

Probiotics are super popular these days. Just a few months ago, I heard about a launch of possibly one of the worlds best probiotics, Floratrex.

When I first heard of Floratrex, I thought “whats the difference between this and the hundreds of other probiotics?”  I learned that there was a real BIG DIFFERENCE.

This probiotic blend contains rare and unheard of probiotic strains. A LOT of them. I’m used to seeing a few strains. This has 23!

Also, it is the first probiotic blend to use Organic Gum Acacia. Gum Acacia is one of the best prebiotics (which feeds probiotics to grow in your body.)

When i first tried Floratrex, I was shocked!!! It was like eating a meal. It was so dense in probiotic cultures. In fact it has 50 billion probiotic cultures per serving!!

The first two days, I felt a bit of gurgling and movement in my stomach. My body needed to adjust to these new powerful live probiotics.

After that, I felt that anything I ate was being digested far easier, with very regular bowel movements.

This probiotic had a beneficial effect on my mood. I later learned gut health is the key to producing serotonin, the happy hormone.

I started feeling a incremental increase in energy right away from taking Floratrex. It has continued for over three weeks now. I even noticed my skin begin to change. I felt my skin cells were regenerating way faster and I literally looked different.

I had tried several types of probiotic supplements before, including probiotic foods (kefir, raw milk, sauerkraut, kimchi.)  Floratrex probiotics was on a whole other level.

For me, taking FloraTrex is like taking a probiotic for the first time.

I am shocked at how everything that I’ve ever taken before was so inferior. Although its a bit expensive, it is so far superior and effective, that the value you get is wayyy worth the price.

Myself and the entire crew at team Health Hippy will 100% be reordering this! 

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