The Zoning Administration Division issues Zoning Permits and coordinates Plan Approvals related to use and development of residential, commercial and industrial properties; enforces Zoning regulations and staffs the Board of Zoning Appeals.

Please read down this list for information on a variety of topics from the Zoning Code.
Accessory Uses (Commercial & Residential)
Commercial Use & Occupancy
Erosion & Sediment Control Plan (Lot Grading Plan)
Home Occupations, Major & Minor
Parking (Commercial & Residential)
Prohibited Signs
Rental/Shared Housing
Resource Protection Area (RPA) (Chesapeake Bay)
Setbacks & Dimensional Standards (Commercial)
Setbacks & Dimensional Standards (Residential)
Sheds / Storage Structures
Sign Permit (Permanent)
Sign Permit (Temporary)
Site & Subdivision Plans
Telecommunication Facility (Small Cell, Administrative Review-Eligible)
Temporary Uses (Special Events, Storage Pods & Other Similar Uses)
Tree Removal
Zoning Permits for Property Improvement Projects


The information provided on the Zoning webpages is intended as a guide only. These webpages have no legal status. The City of Fairfax Zoning Ordinance is the legislative act adopted by the City Council.