Review: HemaTrex by GHC

Review: HemaTrex by GHC

Nothing can be as important as good, clean blood. Many believe the blood circulates ‘chi’ or lifeforce throughout the body.  Blood is essential for delivering oxygen, nutrition and is critical for every aspect of health.

I came across a product that greatly helped improve my blood health, called Hematrex. I ordered it after reading about the wildcrafted herbs it contained like (wildcrafted Collinsonia root, Organic Gotu Kola, and other rare wildcrafted and organic ingredients.)

When I first took Hematrex I didn’t really notice any immediate effects. However 2 or 3 days in, I started to feel sensations and blood flowing to areas i haven’t felt before! Everyday after that, i continued to feel improvement in blood circulation.

After a month of taking this product I can tell you I feel better in many ways. My skin looks better, aches and pains are nearly gone, and i feel i need to eat way less. What’s great is that I’m not even taking the daily recommended dose anymore.

I have tried many ‘super’ foods and formulas (like gingko) to help blood flow. Nothing came close to Hematrex. Highly suggested. Hematrex has earned the Health Hippy Seal Of Approval. 

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