Raise Your Energy Levels

Ten Really Surprising Ways To Raise Your Energy Levels

1. Gaze Into The Sun During Sunrise And Sunset:

Our eyes are an extension of our brain.  When we get Safe Sunlight (The first and last hour of the sunrise/sunset) through our eyes, we receive photons of light energy that can be converted into usable energy to the body.  With continued practice, sunlight is converted into vitamin D in the body and can greatly improve overall health.  This can be very energizing and revitalizing.  Research Solar Gazing.

2. Make Sure You Do A Chemical / Heavy Metal Cleanse Periodically:

A major problem, virtually epidemic, is heavy metal and chemical toxins leaching into our food, air, and water.  Heavy metal toxicity is believed to be a major factor in disease, primarily, low energy.  Shockingly, this is rarely discussed in mainstream medicine.  Heavy metals, once in the body, are very difficult to remove and will continue to drain our energy levels daily until detoxed.

Many health experts even believe heavy metals are the root cause of chronic fatigue syndrome, autism, and several serious diseases.

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3. Observe Your Emotions:

It is no surprise that there are hundreds of studies showing how destructive emotions adversely effect our health and well-being.  Every person has to work within themselves to learn how to control their own emotions.  In today’s high stress society, no wonder so many are physically and mentally drained.  Uncontrollable emotions drain us, until we can control them.  Learn to observe the effect emotions have on your body and find a way to conquer them.

4. Avoid Large Meals – Eat Small Size, Super Nutrient Dense Foods Throughout The Day:

Eating large meals will almost always drain your energy. Just look at how most people feel after thanksgiving dinner.  Throughout the day, eat small size, nutrient dense foods such as nuts, seeds, eggs, cheeses, fruits, and other foods that are small, yet can fill you up.  Overeating is a major cause of low energy.

5. Take A Walk Outside And Look At Different Colors:

This might sound like a surprising way to increase energy.  However, more than one study has shown that walking and looking at different colors in nature has a powerful energizing effect.  Color therapy has been used to revitalize parts of the body and mind for decades.  Different colors have different effects on the body.  This is very surprising at how fast It works!

6. Get Critical Energy Producing Vitamins Such As Vitamin K2 And Vitamin B17 (Nitrilosides):

Vitamin K2 and Vitamin B17 are both missing in the American diet.  Many studies show these vitamins are critical to energy production, immune health, and even cancer prevention.

Vitamin K2 is mainly available in fermented foods such as Natto, Kefir, Sauerkraut, certain Cheeses (especially Gouda and Brie) and fresh Grass Fed Meats and Butter.

Vitamin B17 is mainly available in rare foods such as Sorghum, Macadamia Nuts, Buckwheat, Wild Blackberries, Bamboo Sprouts, Yucca Root (cassava), Salmon Berries and more.  Many native cultures are believed to have extremely low instances of cancer because of the B17 (Nitrilosides) in their diets.  Research carefully.

7. Americans Are Largely Deficient In Iodine – An Essential Nutrient For Hormone Health And Energy Production:

A shocking number of Americans suffer from low energy because of the health of their thyroid and they don’t even know it. Iodine is sometimes added to salt, but it is actually toxic because of processing. Iodine is very hard to find in the American diet. If you have tried everything to increase energy, and nothing has worked – this could be for you. What you must know is iodine is a critical and essential nutrient to well-being, yet very difficult to get in our diet. This is a MUST have for healthy energy levels.

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8. Clean Out Your Bowels And Take A Probiotic:

Our energy center is located in our gut. This has been largely accepted around the world. Almost always having poor energy and feeling drained are a direct result of poor intestinal health. If you have never done a Colon Cleanse, it is absolutely critical to do so. Add Probiotics after you cleanse your colon, to further enhance energy production.

9. Detoxify Your Body Through Your Feet:

It is often said that we are as strong as our feet. Our feet have the most amount of nerves that connect to our entire body. Therefore, our feet are the best place to detoxify. Detoxifying through our feet will have you feeling amazing and actually lighter, with far more energy.

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10. Drink Sun Charged Water:

UV light is used in the filtering process to clean water from contaminates. A very popular drink considered “the best energy drink ever” is simply putting drinking water in a glass container (no plastic) and letting it sit in sunlight for a few hours. Water is very easy to alter and the suns energy and heat will actually charge up the water. This a very surprising, yet affordable way to energize your body. Try Sun Charged Water on your skin, you will be amazed!

Ten Really Surprising Ways To Raise Your Energy Levels
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Ten Really Surprising Ways To Raise Your Energy Levels
We discuss several ways to naturally increase your energy levels.