Snail Mucus Extract is Anti-Aging

Snail Mucus is Anti-Aging

The powerful tradition of using Snail Mucus extract therapeutically dates way back to the times of the ancient Greeks. Hippocrates is said to have mentioned using crushed snails to relieve skin inflammation. The use of snail exact was discovered by accident when a Chilean farmer noticed skin and wounds healing super quickly from handling snails. As bizarre as it may sound, Snail Mucus extract is an incredibly popular beauty product in South Korea, Mexico, and several other parts of the world-besides the U.S.

Snail Mucus is made of proteins compounds, Glycolic acids, and Elastin, which are believed to contain bio-active, regenerative and anti-aging properties. Snail Mucus is an all natural compound made by snails to protect them from skin damage, infection, and U.V. rays.

When applied to the skin, Snail Mucus is believed to stimulate natural collagen levels, and allow maximum skin regeneration.

It’s super hydrating properties allow the skin to hold more water, and quickly heal damaged skin.

Snail Mucus contains anti-aging properties. It increases regeneration of skin, reduces scars, eliminates wrinkles, cures acne, and reduces blemishes.

It is also said to have a powerful anti-inflammatory, calming and cooling effect on the skin.

After trying two different brands of Snail Mucus extract I can tell you there are definitely therapeutic benefits. It really help cool the face and greatly increases skin healing and regeneration. It is very moisturizing and definitely softens the skin. I believe it is anti-aging as many have claimed. My mother saw a clear reduction in wrinkles and fine lines after 2 weeks use. I highly recommend Snail Mucus extract as a chemical-free antiaging and skin regeneration formula.

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Snail Mucus Extract For Skin
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Snail Mucus Extract For Skin
Snail Mucus Facial Cream - You may have never heard of it, but we at Health Hippy have been very impressed with this traditional solution for amazing skin. Learn more about what it can do for you.