The Power Of Schizandra Berry

The Power Of Schizandra Berry

Balancing Adaptogen

Used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for nearly 5,000 years, Schizandra Berry is a potent “adaptogen” that has been used historically throughout Asia, Russia, and Korea.

Everyone from Chinese emperors to family herbalists have long recognized its remarkable powers to promote longevity, increase stamina and relieve stress.

It’s believed in China that those who use Schizandra consistently will remain youthful in appearance and in general strength and vitality.

The berry is found pictured in ancient art as a symbol of longevity, and has even been believed to give the ability to attain “immortality.”

Even Taoist masters heartily recommend Schizandra to their students look to develop internal energy.

A significant increase in the performance and stamina of gymnasts, long distance runners and competitive athletes was found during human testing of the berry.

Chinese athletes often use Schizandra during training for good reason – it reduces fatigue while improving physical power.

Schizandra has a remarkable benefit to the skin and tends to hold its moisture much better.  Using Schizandra, skin is believed to become more full and beautiful.

What really makes Schizandra truly unique and extremely rare, is that it delivers all five tastes to your tongue.  With a name that translates to “Five Taste Fruit,” Schizandra embodies all five tastes sour, bitter, sweet, pungent and salty.  That’s why Schizandra causes a taste explosion when you taste it.  All five tastes erupt in your mouth simultaneously!

BE AWARE: Most Schizandra Berry that comes from China is contaminated with toxic heavy metals.

Most of the Schizandra commonly available as a dried herbal berry or as a powder, most likely has been oxidized, damaged, and is of a poor, denatured quality.

There is one source of 100% organically grown fresh berries grown in the United States. This Schizandra Berry powder is made from cold-processed, freeze-dried berries grown on U.S. soil, so it’s ultra-clean from start to finish.

The freeze-drying process retains nearly all nutrients, minerals and phytochemicals.

The result is a bright pink powder that’s vibrant in every way (color, taste, smell, nutrient content.)  This is a huge difference between the typical “dead” Schizandra powder you find in the market that’s brown or tan, lacking vibrance, color and taste.

100% Organic Schizandra Powder

This Schizandra is an ultra-premium, USA grown, laboratory validated Schizandra berry powder that’s never irradiated or fumigated. Delivers the maximum potency possible in a dried format.

This USA-grown Schizandra Berry powder is the richest, most vibrant and potent Schizandra.  It is one of the most extraordinary medicinal foods ever discovered.

Guaranteed laboratory-validated purity and A+++ low heavy metal rating.

Benefits of Schizandra

√ Highest quality longevity tonic.

√ Used historically as a beauty tonic for skin and hair.

√ May help protect body from chronic or extreme stress.

√ Supports mental balance, sharpness, and focus.

√ Calming and pain relieving properties.

√ Supports healthy sexual function, endurance and performance*

√ Helps support balanced kidney and liver function*

√ Supports health respiratory function and normal circulation*

Never heated!! No chemicals used in extraction or growing process.  USDA Organic, Vegan, Low Heavy Metals Verified, Non-GMO, Kosher

Here is where you can get 100% Organic Schizandra

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* These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to treat, cure or diagnose any disease.


The Power Of Schizandra Berry
Article Name
The Power Of Schizandra Berry
Used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for nearly 5,000 years, Schizandra Berry is a potent "adaptogen" that has been used historically throughout Asia, Russia, and Korea.