Review: VeganSafe B-12 by GHC

Review: VeganSafe B-12 by GHC

This is one of my all time favorites.  I’m sure many of you have heard about Vitamin B-12. It is a necessary group of vitamins critical for health, mainly found in animal meats.

I was very interested in Vitamin B-12, because it is the most important group of vitamins for energy production.  It is said to support the adrenal glands and helps convert carbohydrates to glucose – the fuel your body uses for energy.

I learned about a bioavailable and highly absorbable form of Vitamin B-12.  It was called Vegansafe B-12.  It is said to help with energy production, red blood cell formation, and support major processes in your body.

I bought this product because I just had a feeling I might be deficient in Vitamin B-12.  I don’t eat meat every single day and, I know its difficult to get foods that are high in B-12.

Right before I first started taking B-12, I was exhausted!  I had gotten very little sleep that week.

I was VERY impressed with how much energy this B-12 gave me.  I was surprised how with very little sleep, I was able to go through the day easily.  It gave me major energy without any jitters or crash whatsoever.

In fact, I felt like Vitamin B-12 kept my energy high for several hours after I took it – and this is with almost no sleep!  My body feels stronger, lighter, and way more energized.

For me, this is a must have product. You must get B12, period. I think its very obvious and logical to supplement with this vitamin daily.

I highly recommend you learn about Vitamin B12 !

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