Waka Flocka Weight Loss Secret

Stop Eating GMO Foods.  Remove GMO Toxins.

Recently, world renown artist and rapper Waka Flocka completely transformed his look and lost several pounds, simply by not eating GMO foods.

Waka posted a before and after picture of himself on social media showing the benefits of a GMO free lifestyle. He posted: “Big difference….All I did was cut all GMO products”

It’s time for you to stop eating GMO foods and clean your body of GMO toxins.

GMOs are everywhere and are hidden in the everyday foods we eat, including 80% of crops and 70% of processed foods.

“GMO” stands for Genetically Modified Organisms.  These are plants or animals that have had their DNA unnaturally mixed with the DNA of other animals, bacteria or plants. Otherwise known as Cross-Species Chimera.

The “GMO produce pushers” have spent millions creating one of the biggest public scams and lies in history – convincing Americans that GMOs are good for you and are the answer to natures mistakes.

Over 300 scientific studies have confirmed the dangers of GMOs and nearly 800 scientists have voiced serious concern over GMOs.

Bacillus Thuringiensis (BT) used worldwide as a pesticide, is genetically spliced into GMO foods and can actually burn holes through our intestinal lining.

BT toxin is found In most food production in the U.S, including Milk.  This toxin greatly damages our cell membrane, disrupting digestion and creating havoc for our intestines. Depression, chronic fatigue, obesity, and virtually every disease begins with poor intestinal health, which can be caused by consuming GMO foods.

What makes GMO foods even more dangerous is that these poisons stay in our system long after we have consumed them. You need to also clean your body of the GMO toxins.

Look for the non-GMO or Organic label

Products most commonly contaminated with GM Organisms are: Corn, many vitamins, sugar, flax, high fructose corn syrup, soy, tomatoes, corn starch, sausages, most ice cream, infant formula, beef, alfalfa, vegetable oil, canola oil, margarine, papaya and squash.

The harmful effects of GMO products

Digestive enzymes are reduced, weight gain, liver failure, depression, chronic fatigue, toxicity, poor digestion, poor immune system, increased infections, poor mood/behavior, reproductive issues, chronic diseases, leaky gut syndrome, chronic allergies, cancers, degenerative diseases, inflammation and growth of harmful intestinal bacteria.

You Must Clean GMO Toxins Out Of Your Body

World famous Doctor, Dr. Edward Group III, recommends the following:

  1. Eliminate all GMO foods entirely. (Like Waka Flocka did.)
  2. Detox GMO Toxins Get Zeotrex. Help rid your body of Glyphosate pestisides used on GMO crops.
  3. Reset Your Intestinal Health –  Get Latero Flora. Anyone who has eaten GMO foods needs to not only detox, but also repair intestinal tissue and flora.
  4. Detox Your Liver – Get Livatrex. GMO foods have been known to damage the liver.


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Waka Flocka Weight Loss Secret
Article Name
Waka Flocka Weight Loss Secret
Artist and rapper Waka Flocka stopped eating GMO foods. Find out why you should too and what you can do to detox GMO foods from your system.