Why You Need Iodine

Why You Need Iodine

We need many substances for health – none are more essential than iodine.

Traditionally sourced from the sea, iodine is an essential element, required by the body for a number of critical functions.

Literally, our existence and the quality of our lives can depend on having adequate iodine levels.

Much of the world suffers from iodine deficiency. This problem afflicts women more often than men.

Iodine is critical for the thyroid gland – which uses this essential element to regulate hormone balance. This contributes to our enhanced mood, balanced hormones, and mental stability.

Iodine can do even more for us! It’s a terrific cleanser, can prevent harm from radiation, and is a detoxing agent.

If healthy levels of iodine are ignored, a thyroid imbalance can develop, leading to serious medical conditions.

Shockingly, the U.S is highly deficient in Iodine, and mainstream medicine generally ignores the importance of this element.

According to the World Health Organization, iodine deficiency is a public health problem in 54 countries.

The 2013 USGS iodine commodity summary warns that there is no substitute for iodine.

The CDC reports that iodine deficiency is one of the four major deficiency diseases in the world.

Iodine is also instrumental in brain development. According to UNICEF, iodine deficiency is the most avoidable cause of stunted physical and mental development.

A research conducted at Arizona State University even linked iodine deficient mothers to autistic offspring.

Do you suffer from any of these ailments?

  • Sore Joints and Nerve Pain

Research has find that thyroid diseases, both hypo- and hyperthyroidism, can cause nerve pain in some people who suffer from thyroid disease.

  • Anxiety and Mood Imbalances

Your hormones play a huge role in affecting how you feel. Low hormone levels, such as in the case of hypothyroidism, can leave you feeling down in the dumps. Excess of hormones leads to frequent anxiety or panic attacks.

  • Inexplicably Gaining or Losing Weight

If you can’t can’t explain your weight gain or loss, it could be your thyroid. How fast or slow your metabolism is directly depends on hormone activity. A sudden change in weight, up or down, can be an indication of a thyroid problem.

  • Constant Fatigue

This symptom is common, yet often ignored. Many young adults write fatigue and poor energy off as a sign of their lifestyle; but, if you’ve got an established routine and get regular sleep, you shouldn’t ignore chronic fatigue. 

  • Low Libido

Since the thyroid is all about hormones, it comes as no surprise men and women experience problems with their reproductive organs. Women can have a more frequent, longer menstruation with low hormones and short, light menstruation–or have a cycle stop altogether–with too many circulating hormones. Fertility may also be a problem. Men experience infertility, low libido, and may even develop enlarged breasts when sex hormones and the thyroid become imbalanced.

  • Heart Disease

Thyroid hormones play a direct role in heart health. A 2014 study out of John Hopkins University reported low thyroid hormone levels were common in young and middle-aged adults with early stage coronary artery disease and blood vessel calcification.

  • Gut Problems

IBS isn’t always caused by what you eat. In fact, it may be that your metabolism isn’t working right. This prevents necessary enzymes from getting to the gut to help with digestion. If constipation, diarrhea, or IBS are ongoing problems and therapies aren’t helping, it may be time to consider checking your thyroid.

  • Weakness

As hormone levels get out of whack, other imbalances follow, and terrible dips in energy levels is a classic. Your thyroid, your metabolism, your energy levels — all connected. If you’re feeling week but your nutrition is good and you get enough sleep, it’s time to consider underlying possibilities, and your thyroid is one.

Sadly, Most people are unaware that Iodized Salt is NOT a Good Source of Iodine!!  Most table salt is created in an effort to eliminate iodine deficiency.  Unfortunately, the process of manufacturing table salt can include adding artificial versions of iodine and other chemicals, which make iodized salt toxic to our bodies.

How to balance thyroid and hormone health:

1. Make sure you’re getting enough iodine. Iodine-rich foods .

Fish such as cod, shellfish and shrimp provide better-than-average servings of dietary iodine. Sea vegetables like dulse seaweed,kelp, arame, kombu, nori, sea palm and wakame are the richest source of iodine. Other sources include eggs, organic milk and yogurt, dark leafy greens and prunes.

2. Try to Walk and exercise as many of your muscles as you can.

3. Take an Iodine supplement!

Which Iodine supplement should you take?

Nascent Iodine is the Worlds Best form of Supplemental Iodine

(Absorption of other forms of iodine can be as low as 20%, making them biologically inefficient.)

There is one highly bioavailable form of nascent iodine available in the market today.

This superior nano-colloidal nascent iodine has been reformulated and is now 45% stronger and highly available to our bodies.

It is formulated from 300 million year old salt deposits located more than 7,000 feet below the earth’s surface!

This rare form of atomic iodine delivers the body a serving of iodine in the atomic form – the same form the thyroid uses for hormone creation.

The remarkable benefits of Nascent Iodine:

Extremely beneficial, Bioavailable Element.

The thyroid requires iodine to create hormones to regulate metabolism and cellular function. Nascent Iodine is bioavailable, non-toxic, and rapidly enters your bloodstream and disperses throughout your body.

Rejuvenates Skin, from the Inside Out!

Iodine promotes healthy skin, nails and hair. It stimulates cellular function resulting in the regeneration of the lower layers of these cells. By rejuvenating the skin from the inside out – so to speak – iodine encourages smooth skin, hair color and strong nails.

Promotes Detoxification

Fluoride, chlorine, and bromine compete with iodine for the same thyroid receptors. Having enough iodine available helps defend and detoxify the thyroid against these toxic halogens.

Atomic Iodine is the BEST Iodine Supplement

  • Iodine is critical in promoting focus, mental clarity and energy levels
  • Promotes balanced hormone and Iodine levels
  • Provides immune system support and defense against environmental toxins!
  • Detoxifies mercury, lead, and toxic halogens like bromide, fluoride, and chlorine.
  • Supports thyroid health.

We use Detoxadine ourselves and have noticed more energy and better ability to handle stress. We highly recommend it and it has earned the Health Hippy Seal Of Approval.

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Why You Need Iodine
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Why You Need Iodine
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